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Criteria for NIFTP Tumours & Educational Module for NIFTP Lester Thompson MD, updated 24th March 2016

Diagnostic Criteria for NIFTP 

1. Encapsulation or clear demarcationa 

2. Follicular growth patternb with   

<1% papillae, no psammoma bodies & 30% solid/trabecular/insular growth pattern 

3. Nuclear score of 2 or 3 

4. No vascular or capsular invasionc 

5. No tumour necrosis 

6. No high mitotic activityd 


athick, thin, or partial capsule or well circumscribed with a clear demarcation from adjacent thyroid tissue 

bIncluding microfollicular, normofollicular, or macrofollicular architecture with abundant colloid 

cRequires adequate microscopic examination of the tumour capsule interface =COMPLETE SAMPLING 

dHigh mitotic activity defined as at least 3 mitoses per 10 high powered fields (400x)